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Saturday, June 30, 2012

6 year anniversary since being diagnosed

6 years ago tonight, dear husband and I along with number one son and number one daughter were watching Queen Latifah in "The Last Holiday". We were still reeling with the news they had given me earlier in the day, that the tumor they had removed on June 22nd was adenoid cystic carcinoma. We had chosen the dvd before going to the dr., but the irony of the movie's topic wasn't lost on me, no matter what news I had been given. I kept telling the kids and husband that I was different than the lead character - I hadn't put anything off in life, so I didn't have any regrets. Well, let me tell you today, I still don't. I am so very glad I have had the past 6 years, and looking forward to another set (and yeah, I am greedy, probably two more sets after that!). Who knows what the next 6 years will bring, but the last were pretty fantastic. Thanks to all who read this for your support, for putting up with me when I was hard to put up with, for joining me in the optimism of the new day, and for just listening when I needed to say stuff or told really really bad jokes to get on the other side of difficult moments. I won't ever say that cancer was the best thing that happened to me - I considered life precious before that bump in the road. But I am very glad that I have had the last 6 years to let those around me know how precious you are to me.


CJ said...

here's to another 60 years. You are my friend in the world. I am so glad that God brought you into my life 35 years a go. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Here's to another 60 years. I'm so glad God brought you into my life 35 years ago. Love you

Teresa Hartman said...

Same here, my friend. And all the people I live with and work with are so very glad you are the one that gets to hear me whine the most! Sending hugs back -Teri

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