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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The future of health care is in good hands

I met for two hours today with 80 sharp, energetic, and driven SMDEP students, and I can confidently report that we will be in great hands when they become our professional health caregivers. Here's to the next generation. May they enjoy learning from us as their patients.  [Edit on 6/18/12 - check out their activities on this great blog: -th ]


SMDEP UNMC said...

Thanks for coming to give our fireside chat, Mrs. Hartman. We all appreciated your help!

It's the help of our educators like you that gives us the tools to excel :)

Teresa Hartman said...

You are welcome, and thank you for recording all that you are experiencing this year. Future SMDEP applicants would do well to check out the activities that are possible.

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