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Monday, September 18, 2006

Being prepared

Now that pain medication and liquid nutrition are vital parts of my life, I have a zip bag that I can store all of them in, just in case I need to haul them off quickly. Reasons for needing to haul all of my stuff: bad weather, last-minute trip, police knocking at the door saying the neighborhood is being evacuated due to a tanker accident... Saturday night brought me such an opportunity - a tornado warning. Me and the drugs/food/water and a briefcase of important documents headed for the basement until the all-clear sounded. (Tornado passed without hurting anyone - for that I am truly grateful!) Message here is - integrate this new facet of your life into any emergency plans you may already have, because when the time comes, you might not have the minutes to go around scooping things up to take with you.
Some links on preparing for disasters are on MedlinePlus: .

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