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Friday, September 15, 2006

"Beware the ides of..." September?

Not a good day. Let's just say that a liquid diet does not lead to efficient use of internal body plumbing. I can't wait for solid food to be on my diet again, taste or not. If you are in the same situation, remember that there are clear fiber supplements that can be added to liquid diets - one is Fiber Sure - which may help. The trouble I am running into is with the pain medicine - it slows the body down as well as reduces the tissue and bone pain caused by the radiation treatment. Another thing that has changed is that I noticed some bleeding on my scar behind my ear (that is the scar from my cancer operation 3 months ago). I mentioned it to the nurse yesterday, and she said it was not unusual for this to happen, and to notify the doctor if it ever started and didn't stop bleeding. So just when one thinks balance has been achieved, something else goes wrong, and the hard work starts again to regain balance. Just remember - keep fighting the good fight!
The rule for sleeping now is whenever I can get it - and I have officially dropped off in a conversation (that ought to be a good tale at Thanksgiving dinner this year!). My best time is still in the morning, before and right after treatment that takes place at 10:15. Happily I saw a librarian friend yesterday during my 'good time', and enjoyed a nice gab in the store! It is nice when surprises like that happen.

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