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Monday, September 04, 2006

Thanks to health professionals reading this

If you had today off, you certainly deserved it! If, like Dr. Z., you were on-call, I hope it was a slow, healthy day for both you and your patients. Some overdue thanks, now.
I want to say thanks to the radiation therapists for their concientious way of letting me know that they are leaving the room each time after positioning me. When one's head is screwed to the table, it severely limits one's field of vision, so it is kind of hard to know if one is alone, or when the next rotation of the machine is going to start unless folks say things like, "Here we go", or "This is the last one." Anything is better than nothing, and goes a long way towards lessening the isolation.
Thanks go to the nurses that are always available for questions, and listen during the weekly visits as they help me and my family go down this new road. Their and my doctor's belief that I am doing ok is what keeps me positive.
Thanks to the folks I may never meet - the physicists that figure out how to set up the treatment plan in the computer, the administrators, and other clinic staff. I brought in Panera bagels last week as a tangible thank you for the radiation oncology lounge - I sure hope everyone was able to nosh a bit.

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Aleph said...

hi! i'm from argentina(excuse my english, it's not too good)... i have breast cancer, so i can understand what are you going through... it's hard, kind of lonely, but you need to be strong no matter what, cos' that's the only way to fight and win... i start tomorrow my treatment(quimioterapia-chimotherapy in english?i don't know...), and i hope that in a few months both of us will be talking about the success of our treatments... (i know that's gonna happen... )Well, take care and be strong, see you soon...

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