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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keep on keeping on

There is no other choice - I have to go forward to complete this treatment. Each day seems a week long, and the changes are still coming fast. More tired now, with the sense of humor hard to find after 3pm (dang it!). Still really ticked that food escapes me in any form. I hope that this experience comes in handy later in life - there has to be some value in being taste-blind, other than warning the world that you really shouldn't eat watermelon if you can't taste it - it is like chewing insulation. (Some of you who have known me for a long time probably think I have been tasteless for years -grin! Feel free to make as many snarky comments as you wish - I can use the smiles!) I have reread this entire blog, mining it like a time capsule for my strength and humor of earlier days, and it has helped tremendously, more through the words of my friends and family than my own. Cards, surprises, visits and emails are still coming - knowing that I am not riding the roller coaster without spectators to cheer me on has made this entire episode doable.
Now to the nitty gritty: doctor and nurse visit yesterday went well. Weight holding steady just on the liquid diet, blood pressure best in years, eyes bright and remaining hair shiny. Only trouble is the left ear is swelling to Dumbo size, and the burn is pretty bad. The doctor said I would see him again about 4 weeks after the last treatment to check on my progress, then about every 3 months after that to look for side effects, etc. I am still hoping that some sort of Spiderman power will come over me for being radiated so long, so look for a new superhero soon! (Yeah, the doctor just grinned at that one, too.) The doctor also offered stronger medicine if I should need it. The stuff I am on must be the equivalent of aspirin in the pain control world, but it is doing the trick today. We will see how I am by Friday.
It is amazing to me that this human can go through this experience and still function. All of this has really redefined my idea of what living really is.


Teresa Hartman said...

Maybe I could be a food critic, now that I can't taste things? Give me your ideas on how to leverage this lack of taste to my best advantage!

Anonymous said...

I think you should try to eat something that you have always sworn you would never try. That way, if it really is as bad as you thought it would would never know (but could still tell people you tried it!)

Anonymous said...

How about a contest where you identify the strongest chili? Anything you could taste would have to be pretty outrageous!

Anonymous said...

so...watermelon is like insulation, huh. who would have figured that? let's do a study and get published! hmmm... food consistency instead of taste.. oh yeah... i can see it now. we'll end up doing presentations at all those conferences. let's see... how about trying:
1) tapioca... not the little size, but the big fish eye size? or
2) those new tiny ice cream ball things that are ice cold? or
3) oysters!! or
4) poi
or....or... or....

hang in there, teri...
love ya!

Anonymous said...

Well, texture as always been more important than taste to me. Since I'm a picky eater anyway, I'd be in big trouble if I couldn't taste anything!

I do like Naomi's suggestion of a chili contest!


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