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Friday, September 08, 2006

Chris Rock was right

Chris Rock did a show where he talked about not having health insurance when he was a kid, and how his dad said Robitussin would cure any ills, including a broken leg. Only if Robitussin didn't cure it could you go to the doctor. Quote from Mr. Rock: "That's all we had when l was a kid: Robitussin. No matter what you got,Robitussin better handle it." Well, after I had nausea yesterday morning (polite term for "throwing my guts up in the worst way since morning sickness in 1989"), I reported it to the nurse, scared that this was the signal for anti-nausea medication or worse, a stomach tube. She asked me some questions, determined that I hadn't drank enough water on Wednesday, and my mucus was probably thickening up and drainage caused my stomach upset. She told me to get the Robitussin that thinned out chest secretions, and try that while pushing water. Worked like a charm - today was no problem. My habit of drinking 4 liters of water per day had kept me out of the woods, so when I only did 2 liters on Wednesday, it really knocked me out of balance. Back on track now, thanks to Robitussin!

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Anonymous said...

Hey again Teri--

Your blog on Robitussin made me laugh... When my friend Charlie was deployed last yr to Iraq, they would occasionally be under the weather... This was fixed by someone yelling "GET THE TUSSIN!!"
It even worked (well sorta) when his friend Adam was hit by a rocket propelled grenade and lost his arm (among other injuries) Less than 1 yr later, Adam is now completely healed, rehabilitating and recently/happily married, all thanks to Robitussin (that and maybe a smidge of modern medicine)

This TUSSIN really does work... from Rocket Propelled Grenades to Cancer issues... Impressive huh? Maybe that should be their new advertising kick?

Hope this made you smile. Keep on keeping on.

Lot of luv--Sharita lo quita

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