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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Healing is going fine

I have a mom and a husband that are keeping me in the house and in complete healing mode, despite the urge I have to run around and see everything. Face it - I am just really happy that I am still around, considering. I was so glad to wake up and still be me.
Jeanne has asked if I remember the Girl With the Pearl [Earring], a painting by Vermeer that was also the subject of a movie
. No, they didn't give me the pearl over my ear to take home - some wonderful pathologist is going over it with their established methods to see what the heck it is made of. I think I hear the final verdict in about 3 weeks (bone takes longer to work up than tissue). More news later, readers. For now, back to the couch! Thanks for being there, you all. I hope to get back to being a more involved member of the blogosphere very soon.

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Marie said...

Hi Teri,

Glad to know you are doing so well. Also nice to know your Mom is there to take good care of you. Moms are good to have around! Take care and have a great Thanksgiving.


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