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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Thanksgiving full of gratitude

When we sat down to turkey and fixin's yesterday, I was (and still am) so full of gratitude for all that has happened recently and during the past year. Some items from my "what I am thankful for" list for 2007:
-my friends, both with and without their own cancer experiences, who have repeatedly come to my aid with supportive emails, mood-brightening flowers and gifts that bring smiles to my face, and ready ears to listen even when they really don't want to hear more about what the heck Teri is up to these days;
-skilled and talented health professionals, who know how to make what must be done happen in the best way possible, and who understand that this particular patient really needs to know more about what happens, what to expect, and what my role will be in healing;
-this world of technology, that allows me to remain connected to people that are far away, but are only a click away through email, the blog, the phone, whatever;
-my librarian connections, who have bolstered my knowledge, and aided me with up-to-date on health information, giving me a fighting chance to successfully surmount whatever the doctors are going to throw at me next;
-the great university that I work for, which has become the center of my world for much more than the great job I have;
-the gifts of strength and humor that my mother gave to me growing up. Thanks, mom!
-my family, who sure didn't sign up for having a cancer trip with a wife and mother, but who have supported me and each other during the entire trip. I love you, Hartmans!

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Jeanne said...

Teri--I loved reading your list of the things and people you are thankful for. Do you know why this list is so long? Because of who YOU ARE.

You give so much that we are all tripping over our own feet and each other's, trying to do nice things for you.


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