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Monday, November 19, 2007

Watch out- post op photos

I hope to goodness that no one else has to go through a craniectomy if they have ACC, but in case they do, I have included one before and two after photos to show that it can be dealt with. (The frontal after photo shows the new body art that I have on my forehead - 2 staples). Also, please remember that no one has said yet what exactly was pulled out with my half-dollar sized piece of skull - it is still being investigated. (My money is that it has to deal with whatever my new superpower is going to be. Hopefully, it wasn't my fancy new horn bud that they removed...)
I am healing daily. Tomorrow, I get the staples in my forehead out, and the two stitches that secure the bottom of my scar near my ear. I hope to get more answers about just exactly where the titanium plate is located, and if I get to carry a "get through TSA screening free" card. I think I learn about the biopsy results in 3 weeks. In the meantime, I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving, and hope that they are able to say hello to those they are close to. I am really glad to still be kicking on this ol' earth, and look forward to more Cheeky Librarian adventures very soon. For now, I am taking things easy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Teri,

I'm glad you are back "online" and to hear you are healing. Please know my prayers and the prayers of people you don't even know continue with you for COMPLETE HEALING!!!


Jeanne said...

Teri--thanks for the photos (Hey! That's MY haircut!) and for the explanation of why it is going to take three weeks for the biopsy results. I was going to have you mail me the tissue sample out here to Seattle ....

Have a great holiday with your family, and know that your friends are very happy that you seem to have sailed through this rather scary experience.



PS Can I make pearl jokes? Maybe we could just call you "Pearl"? That's such an old lady name, a NY Jewish old lady name, but you could give it new meaning ...

Anonymous said...

Just checked in on the blog - and am glad you came through surgery in fine shape. Will continue to keep you in my prayers. Make sure to ask if this surgery will keep you from riding the wild horses in Wyoming next fall at MCMLA! HA!
Happy Thanksgiving and may blessings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Teri -

Wanted to say happy thanksgiving. Glad to hear the operation is over and that you healing. I think about you often.

Hang in there... Janice K.

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