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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still walking on air today

I am still so happy that I am around, healing up, and getting into living again. Feel like Scrooge must have felt when he woke up after being visited by his spirits. Something else the doctor said yesterday: even though the critter was not malignant, it was growing, and in his estimation, would have broken through to the dura in just a couple of months. That would have caused a whole different operation, one that I might not have walked away from just the next day, as I did this one.
I am just so glad the pain is out, and as it looks, the way is limitless for me. Not sure that all of this will spread to complete good will towards all my fellow men (found myself talking to the other drivers about their driving habits in traffic the other day - darn it!), but it goes a long way. Sending love and hugs to all of you. Here's for a differently-exciting 2008!

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scraps said...

Yea!!!! Great news. We just gotta figure out how to celebrate in some rowdy loud way. Joy, joy, joy - you just keep walking on those clouds.

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