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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Can Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma form into a pearl?

I saw the scan of my skull today, to check out where and what the "lesion" is and what it looks like. Folks, it looks like a pearl stuck in between the inner and outer bones of my skull, right above and behind my left ear. If it turns out to be a pearl (wouldn't that be so cool?), I promise to share half the profit with the surgeons! (grin!) I had all of my many questions answered, and all of my preop lab visits taken care of today, so now I just wait for the arrival of family members and head to the hospital on Thursday for the great excision.

I know I am in great hands (literally) - both surgeons renowned for their skills and talents, even by folks that they haven't even operated on. I am more than adequately nourished, so I am ready to start overcoming the anesthesia and begin the healing process again.

The only other preparations we have yet to do is to break out the ear plugs for my glasses, so the earpiece doesn't rub on the stapled scar. For more on how to do this, if you are ever in need of wearing glasses despite painful areas, check out my earlier post:

Update on the otologist and that ENG test that I took to find out why I was dizzy. He said to thank my lucky stars that I did get dizzy, since that led to the extra-hard studying of my MRI scans that have been taken over the past months, thus finding the lesion. The dizzy spells? They are gone. He said I probably had "benign..." (I didn't write down the rest of the name of what he called it), where the crystals in your ear get loose, wreaking havoc with the balance system. Evidently the crystals have settled down, since I have not had any dizziness for 3 days. I got goosebumps when the surgeon said that I wasn't even experiencing the dizzy spells in my left, radiated ear as I had guessed - it was my right ear that was causing me the trouble. (Insert Twilight Zone theme music here.) First crystals, and now a pearl - should be an interesting addition to my medical record.

Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in this. I don't want you to be left alone, either, so I have asked a guest writer to keep you up to date while I am in the hospital. In the meantime, for the next couple of days, flood me with your questions and comments. I need all the sidetracking and fact-digging I can get into as I wait for Thursday to get here.


whitneydt said...

Fergit the glasses, woman, can't they just RK you while you're out? It seems to me like you should get some kind of perks out of this! Take care.

Teresa Hartman said...

I agree - RK with a side order of liposuction while I am out - that's the ticket!!

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