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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Many questions are unanswerable. Many answers are questionable.

That was the fortune in the cookie I just opened after finding it in a cabinet (Lucky the dog got the cookie part). The message is pretty much anti-librarian-like; I want to think all questions can be answered, and the answers found are certain. On the other hand, the fortune pretty much matches up with what I am currently going through, medical care-wise. No one seems to know why I am dizzy or what will fix it; no one seems to know what the thing in my head is, and may not know much more about it after they whack it out. What a deal.
The reason the cookie was located is: today is a good day for me, and I am taking advantage of it to clean up this house a little closer to Douglas County Health Standards. Consider it the 'nesting' phase of impending craniotomy, similar to the nesting that happens before the kids arrived. I don't want to be caught by visitors with my house dirty, thank you very much! Plus I have to get it up to a higher standard, so that when it slumps a bit during recovery, I won't notice it as much.
Laughing at Spamalot and the dinner out with friends last night really did great things for me. I don't mean 'cleaning out all the closets' type of great, but catching up on all the dishes, laundry, and bills-type of great. (grin!)


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you feel comfortable doing this, but could you tell your audience when you are scheduled to have your surgery. I am sure there are a lot of people who would want to send some positive energy to you and your surgeon on that day.

Elizabeth Hartman said...

I knew the cookie was there.. no one asked me and I never ate it because I realy eat such things, too many times in trouble for finding something I wasn't supposed to.

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