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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Laying low for a few days

Hey guys - I got up this morning, fixed my own breakfast, puttered around the kitchen - did all the normal things that I refuse to take for granted. Even feeling pain is a great thing, considering what I was fearing when I went in for surgery on Thursday. Thank you all for the support, hugs, virtual hugs, flowers, e-cards (yep, I got them in the hospital!) - they all are going into the mix that will get me all healed up and raring to go. If you, like I, expected me to look like a 50's B movie star with a turban-wrapped bandage all over my head after they whacked out the pearl, we were both sadly disappointed. No bandage at all. Hardly any sign that I was even cut on, except for two staples in my forehead where they closed up the hole caused by the head frame (I was asleep, so never knew what it looked or felt like). I get the staples out Tuesday, and two tiny stitches at the base of the scar around my ear (all other stitches are the absorbing kind.) Tired - yep. Aching - oh yeah. But really really glad to be around to be tired and aching. Just talked to number one daughter, who is living in Reid, Austria (even saw her on the town webcam, so she knows that I am ok, and that I left the hospital not 24 hours after they took out the half-dollar-sized piece of skull and replaced it with a titanium plate. Amazing. Anyway, I am glad you were there, once again watching me take the ride and supporting me so well in your many ways. I couldn't be as well as I am without you - thank you! Now, to the couch, where Lucky the dog is warming me up a spot to snuggle on...


Jeanne said...

Teri--this is amazing: you are at home on your own couch already! Good for you.

Today is my 53rd birthday, and it is pouring down rain, which is OK: I grew up just a few miles from the rainiest spot in the 48 states, so I have made my peace with rain.

Enjoy your time on the couch, snuggling with the dog. Hope you have a good supply of movies and other fun things to do.

Do you remember that painting, the girl with the pearl? I may have the title wrong, but there was then a book and then a movie ... Maybe Ninja Librarian can have yet another identity: The Girl With the Pearl. Did the docs let you take it home?

Still sending you good energy, Love,


Siobhan said...

Hey Teri - i'm so glad to hear you are home and Lucky is keeping your spot warm!

Anonymous said...

happy healing... rest well!

Anonymous said...

Great news that you are home and doing so well! What a great Thanksgiving you are all going to have this week. I'll continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.


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